Role and Synopsis

Luke McGibney plays small time crook and amusement arcade owner Eric Mann in a run down seaside town. Deeply insecure, his own inadequate nature manifests in violence and debauchery as he runs a small drug and prostitution racket.


Remora is the story of two brothers surviving on benefits in Rhyl a small run down seaside town. Caught up in debt after the death of his mother, Leighton must find money to support his mentally challenged brother in order to keep his head above water.


Falling into the criminal underworld Leighton must look after a prostitute Cheryl on behalf of Eric Mann a gang leader who wants to teach Cheryl a lesson she will never forget. Caught in the middle, Leighton must decide if a stand for his family outweighs the morale stand of what will happen to Cheryl if he turns a blind eye.