In the last three years Luke McGibney has been associated with a number of award winning pieces of work playing lead or supporting roles amounting to 42 UK and international film festival awards including UK Jewish Film Festival, BFI, Leeds Indies  San Diego Film Festival, Bryon Bay film festival, Euro Shorts Film Festival, Kerry International Film Festival and Plymouth Film Festival to name a few.


His work in Stereotype was nominated for 4 Royal Television Awards in 2015 and was written and performed by Luke. In 2016 his worked has been nominated again by The Royal Television society for his comedy commercial Nottingham, City of Robin Hood which he also performed in.


In Richard III Luke was selected by Rupert Goold (RSC Tempest and Romeo and Juliet) reaching the final of Kenneth Branagh’s Filming Shakespeare Festival in 2013.


Yoke Farm in 2014 a modern day slavery film, Luke played main antagonist Domas, the film was selected by Ken Loach (Kes, Spirit of 45) and  Justin Chadwick (Mandela, Tulip Fever) to win Unchosen Film Festival.


Luke has recently completed The Barred at The Royal Court and will be promoting Creative England funded film Remora in 2017 where he plays Eric Mann the main protagonist.